South American Localization

Ceara State is located in the northeast region of Brazil, situated in the extreme eastern American meridian, almost totally inserted in the Dry Desert Region. Looking at it’s extreme points, we have the following astronomic territorial position:
Punta de Jericoarcoara, at 2 degrees 46’30” of southern latitude.

Jericoacoara has a priveleged geographic location, being in the extreme north of the Ceara State, having the ocean in the east as well as in the west, being one of the few places in continental Brasil where it is possible to see the sun both rise from and set into the ocean. The same occurs with the moon rising and disappearing. In order to see the sun set, the most sought after spot is a giant dune situated on the western side of the village, known as the Sunset Dune (Duna Por do Sol). It is a tradition in Jericoacoara to have a Capoeira group everyday after the sunset.