Gatronomy in Jericoacoara

Diversity is the word of the moment to describe the gastronomic level in Jeri. . Because of tourist demand, several establishments have adapted to offer what is the most delicious in regional, national and international cuisine. In the village, for example, there are Italian, Mexican and French restaurants. Seafood dishes are a much enjoyed speciality. The most characteristic of the cuisine is the famous banana cake. Locals stroll the streets with trays filled with this delicacy. Those who taste this, don’t want to eat anything else. Visitors are attracted not only to the beauty of the beaches, lagoons and dunes, but also the gastronomical diversity.


Restaurante em Jeri
Restaurante em Jeri - El Faro Blanco
Restaurante em Jeri


2º Festival Jeri Sabor

Tipo: Gastronômico
Localidad: Jericoacoara - Vários restaurantes de Jericoacoara
Período: del 25/08/2006 al 03/09/2006
Evento realizado por Restaurantes, donde habrá exposiciones de platos diferentes
Informaciones: Tel.: (85) 3272.4795;
Fax: (85) 3272 3300.

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Festival de Gatronomia em Jericoacoara